Which is better a graphic designer or web designer?

graphic designer or web designer
Which is better graphic designer or web designer?

Graphic design and web design are often thought to be the same, also sometimes the term web developer is not clear enough for new entrepreneurs. While these terms are increasing in their use and popularity over the past few years, there is also a tendency for them to be misinterpreted. Many think that they are similar or that there are very minor differences between the roles.

The following outline should help clarify this and give you a better idea of what a graphic designer does versus what a web designer or web developer specialises in.

Graphic design is the use of graphics along with images, typography and other visual aids to communicate an idea or message.

A graphic designer will thus be concerned with creations based on the use of graphics for printing purposes and ensuring brand consistency through all the visual graphics of a company, and not on programming, as a web developer would.

However, a graphic designer will use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Indesign and a web designer will be more focused on UX design and digital interfaces for websites.

In big companies, the ideal would be to hire a graphic designer, web designer and web developer but small companies can not afford this and they try often to find someone to work in the three roles or outsource some tasks.

Main Differences

Web design is all about websites and their interfaces, flow and web visuals and banners. Hence the web designer or web developer will not be solely concerned about the website’s design and user-friendliness but also about the need to have it load quickly for instance, and back end performance to ensure good google rankings.

Hence a web designer will need to take into account image resolutions, file sizes and other technical details. Web designers will need to have a good knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP if they are working on their own, but if they are in a team working with a web developer a basic knowledge should be enough.

graphic designer or web designer
Which is better graphic designer or web designer?

Learn the roles

Being aware of their roles and key differences between a graphic designer or web designer in such a way a particular project is entrusted to the right person. You cannot expect a graphic designer to do things that a website designer or a web developer is more experienced at.

If you are looking for someone who creates a great logo, or business cards, you will want a graphic designer, but if you are concerned about how a project looks online, then it is best to consult a web designer. If you want to develop an online application or platform online then you will need to contact a web developer.

If you are looking for someone who can help with images for social media, then you need a graphic designer, but in case you would like to speed up your site, or a completely new website, then you need to hire a web designer, ideally specialize in WordPress or other CMS platform so you can edit the content easily in the future.

graphic designer or web designer
Which is better graphic designer or web designer?

Career Paths

These differences are also important if you are considering taking up such a career, if you are hesitating between being a graphic designer or web designer, you should ask yourself If you are more artistic and creative and prefer to avoid technical things such as programming, then graphic design is more ideal for you.

Conversely, if you love to understand how it will all work out from a coding point of view, then a web developer is the job for you.

graphic designer or web designer
Which is better graphic designer or web designer?


There is no better professional field than others, they all complement each other so if you are a graphic designer or web designer or a web developer you need to learn to work as a team within the marketing department.

There are various things that need to be taken into consideration, and consequently, you need to make sure that when you look to hire a graphic designer or web designer online, you carry out a thorough search so as to find one who is skilled, experienced, and approachable. The important is to write down all your ideas first and provide a clear briefing for your project, this is the key to be successful in any creative project, then you can find freelancers or professionals to help you with it as soon as you understand there roles

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Which is better graphic designer or web designer?

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